My computers

My computers



Apple PowerBook G4 12" with 256MB memory, 40GB HDD, DVD-ROM/CD-RW.

HP Pavilion2450 (P4 1.8GHz) with 256MB memory, 80GB HDD, 15inch TFT Active matrix LCD.
Gateway2000 G6-400 (P2 400MHz) with 128MB memory, 11GB HDD, 19inch Display, DVD-ROM drive, 
640MB MO drive, YAMAHA CRW4260tx (CDRW), Boston MicroMedia system.

HP DeskJet 970Cxi


Apple PowerbookDuo 250 with 12MB memory, 200MB innerHDD, ExpressModem 14400
Apple Macintosh SE/30 with 20MB memory, 320MB innerHDD
Apple 3.5 inch FDD, Kensington TurboMouse 5.0, Koala MacVision, 
OKI Microline 4w (PS Printer), SyQuest EZ135 removable drive.


Apple Newton Pre-1.3 Original MessagePad w/1MB FlashCard
Psion Series3c w/2MB RAM, 1MB FlashSSD
HP 200LX

my mac


HP Vectra VLi8/466C SF (Celeron 462MHz) with 256MB memory, 11GB HDD.
HP N/L/A class HP9000 servers.
HP LaserJet 8100N
HP Color LaserJet 8550-PS

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Last updated: 11th Feb, 2003.