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These stuff are somewhat outdated, and I am not planning to maintain any more because my computer environment has changed so much. There're web pages which link to this page, so I left it to keep the link alive. Please see the top for the latest information such as the contact point. (Last updates: 9th February, 2003)

My freewares and notes

My current interests on computing are scripting languages. The following are my favorite ones: Here're programs and notes about the above languages written by me. Hope this helps anyone who is interested or planning to write the program. Please note that most of documents are written in Japanese and programs are run under Macintosh platform.

Apple HyperCard

I've been using HyperCard since the version 1.2.5 was released in 1990, and I'm very happy making a stack. I believe that one of the reasons is a rapid prototyping: There're lots of external commands or functions, so it doesn't take so long time to implement my idea on a stack. Just a combination of some of these commands lets me generate a stack. Only what to know is what sorts of commands are available and where they can be found.

The stacks shown below include my original external commands or functions written in THINK Pascal. Source codes are also included. These commands are not PowerPC native, so I'm afraid it might not work on a PowerPC Macintosh. Just FYI, the name of a stack, 'Penguin Tsu-shin', is the name for my stack-made newsletter.


Apple Newton, NSBASIC

NSBASIC is a BASIC implementation in Apple Newton devices, which was developed in NS BASIC Corporation in Canada. I've heard the latest version of NSBASIC provides the Internet access tools as well as generating the package from the source. It is based on NewtonScript so deeply that we can evaluate any expressions in the world of NSBASIC. I think that it's pretty amazing.

Tools and documents


The following awk scripts are written and tested in a macintosh version [1] of a GNU AWK which handles Japanese characters [2]. Special thanks to the author of the softwares!



PLC Psion OPL16

An OPL16 is a built-in language in Psion palmtop computers, whose functionality covers from handling graphic components such as pictures, windows and menubars to issuing raw level routines, such as IPC, ioctl. Recently OPL32 was released as the builtin language in S5, a new generation of Psion family. The scripts below were written on Series 3c, and I believe that they can be run on HA/WA/S3/S3a/S3c and may also on S5.

Scripts and documents

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