Lists I am currently joining

Lists I am currently joining

Here is the list of ML and BBS I am currently joining.

ML: Smalltalkers' Salon Mailing List (aka SML)

Smalltalk is widely known as the object oriented programming language, and this mailing list is opened for those who are familiar with Smalltalk or interested in Smalltalk or object oriented programming technologies. The portal can be reached here. Archives of email are available from the above portal. The full-text search engine in Namazu is also available.

UWSC: Umiumi ya san no keijiban (BBS)

The bulletin board is available here, Japanese is used for the communication. The below is the link list to my posts. You might also want visit my UWSC fun site here, some of sample scripts are introduced. Please note that the page is written in Japanese.

Gauche-devel: Discussion about Gauche development

Gauche is an RSR5 implementation of Scheme languange developed by Shiro Kawai. A couple of lists are available at: gauche-devel and gauche-devel-jp.
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Last updated: 27th May, 2004.