Multiplayer Game

Multiplayer Game

When I read the introductory article on Megawars III, Sea Wars and Island of Kesmai in a certain Japanese magazine, I was very excited that hundreds of players can play the game at the same time. As you know, they are well known realtime multiplayer games on CompuServe. I wanted to play Megawars III, but it was very hard for me to play due to the charges, it cost much just only to connect CompuServe from Japan. I guess it was in 1989 or 1990.

Shadow Island Games: Olympia

Recently I joined Olympia, the PBM typed multiplayer game available over the Internet. Having been playing for over one year since October 1997, I've found it very fun to play such kind of games. Everyday you can talk to your team mates around the world (really!) and enjoy planning with them for next turn. I bet you will be fond of it. I referred to [1,2] for Olympia and PBM just in cases. You might want to take a look at this page for more details about Olympia.

"Olympia is an open ended computer moderated fantasy simulation. Characters move, battle, explore and study in the Olympian world. Each week, players submit orders for their units. After the turn runs, Olympia sends reports to the players detailing what happened."[1]

"PBM stands for 'play by mail'. Since this IS the Internet, we use it to mean both ordinary postal mail and electronic mail. Games like Diplomacy have been played via postal mail since the 1960's, starting with John Boardman's 'zine. The US commercial PBM market was started by Rick Loomis of Flying Buffalo in the early 1970's. Now there are commercial PBM companies all over the world. In addition, there is some activity in role-playing games via mail."[2]

Why choose Olympia?

It is still tough for me to catch up with our member's level in English, so I guess it would be easier to join Japanese multi-player games. But I chose Olympia because of three reasons instead of such domestic games.

First, I was pretty interested in muli-player games and the system of Olympia as I said the above. The online rule, a sample turn report and lots of user contributed resources accelerated me to start Olympia.

Second, to communicate with people from English speaking countries. It is not so easy to find a chance and a time to communicate with them in Japan because of its geographical location, very far from these countries. As for me, working for HP Japan and taking an English conversation class in my spare time, but it is still hard for me to find such a chance. Playing Olympia gives me a lot of chances for that.

Third, to join English community. While I was studying English grammar, reading or writing when I was a high shool student, I found it pretty interesting in the way of their thinking or the culture behind the logic of English. But in relation to the second reason, the location of our country makes it difficult to join such communities. Of course, our Olympian community, is a special community over the Internet, but I believe it quite different from the Japanese one in many points and it makes me crazy about Olympia :-)

Concluding. Spending lots of time for Olympia after the work, I'm satisfied with playing Olympia. Playing a game in English really helps me with improving my English writing/reading skills, building my vocabulary and having good friends around the world. I would like to play Olympia for more years.


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Last updated: 24th June, 1999