Kazunori Iriya

Programming has been attracting me ever since a friend of mine showed me a CUI based game running over Zilog's Z80A. Currently work as a system engineer, focusing on the system design over HP's HP-UX platform.


I work for Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd. Here's a brief biography of mine.


Codes that I either use or wrote for other's use:
  • UWSC scripts: UI Automation utility for Windows platform developed by umiumi.
  • HyperCard XCMDs: to introduce some extentions to HyperCard developed by Apple.
  • Awk scripts to format the text, running only on jgawk ported to Apple's Macintosh by Iwao Yamashita.


  • Yamasaki, S. and Iriya, K., A combination of SLDNF resolution with narrowing for general logic programs with equations with respect to extended well-founded model, IEICE Trans. on Information and Systems, E82-D, 10, pp.1303-1315, 1999. [Link][Cache]
  • Iriya,K. and Yamasaki,S., Negation as failure through a network, IEICE Trans. on Information and Systems, E87-D, 5, pp.1200-1207, 2004. [Link][Cache]


Lists I am joining:
  • SML: Smalltalkers' Salon Mailing List
  • UWSC: Umiumi ya san no keijiban
  • Gauche-devel: Discussion about Gauche development



These programs/scripts are written more for fun or for study than utility:

multiplayer games

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